SPILL ZERO Segmented Overlaped Design

Kplus Engineers innovated SPILL ZERO skirt sealing system is simply yet effective in making conveyor loading zone completely spillage free. SPILL ZERO Skirt sealing's are segmented type, wear Resistant Skirt Rubber Block provided with OVER LAPPED Design arrangement and Self Locking for ClampPlates with more wear equation height adjustable blocks with Sturdy Powder Coated Back Plate with Guides for Skirt Rubber Blocks and Serrated Teeth Clamp Plates with Twin Bolting System to avoid occilatin.


  • SPILL ZERO help eliminate spillage and dust at conveyor transfer point.
  • Best modular superior design.
  • Modular segments with Replaceable & Interchangeable Rubber Blocks.
  • Very simple and quick installation on Existing or New Equipment.
  • Suitable for all belt speeds.
  • Optimum Sealing results with zero spillages.
  • Nil wear to the belt.
  • Rubber blocks are molded from Special Wear Resistant Rubber compound.
  • Very low maintenance.