Spill Guard (Segmented Interlocking Design)

Kplus Engineers is pleased to introduced technically a much better Superior designed & cost effective Dove Tail(Interlocking) Skirt Sealing system which is the need of line time e.g. SPILL GUARD.


  • Kplus Engineers Spill Guard eliminate spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point.
  • The Backing plate is permanently fixed to skirt plate (Mother plate) of the main equipment like transfer /feed chute etc.
  • Sections of Rubber blocks with clamping bolt arrangement can easily be adjust to suit any Belt Contour with the harmer. No special tools required.
  • Due to the soft but firm elastomer of Kplus Engineers Spill Guard system, there is no danger of conveyor belt cutting inspite of continuous abrading.
  • DOVE TAIL Inter lock Scaling stops fines and dust from escaping the Load zone. Work great in abrasive and impact area condition.
  • Very simple and quick installation on Existing or New equipment.
  • Life of SPILL GUARD is very good. but even if Replacement is required Loose Extra Blocks are available.Thus virtually reducing Replacement Cost.
  • Work better on conveyors where you need Flexibilitiy and Dust is a big problem.
  • Increase Productivity due to Full Proof Dust Tight sealing which Eliminates Spillage.
  • Environment Friendly and Reduce Manpower required for Cleaning.
  • RUBBER BLOCKS are available in NORMAL/H.R.Grade.
  • BACKING AND CLAMPING PLATES are available in M.S./S.S.