SPILL SEAL (Just Fit & Forget Design)

Spill Seal (Just Fit & Forget type Design)

Kplus Engineers SPILL SEAL(Skirt Sealing System) is a FULL PROOF Just Fit & Forget design(WITHOUT FASTENING)system in it self comprising of powder coated (MS) holding metalic plate with groove(no hardware require). loose sections of Wear Resistant Rubber (overlapped which will slides in the groove without any problem and properlyseal the area, hence getting zero spillage and locked with Locking Cleat & Pressure plate in Overlapped area. No Fasteners/No Social Tools & No Adjustment required till the end of the life of Rubber block. Much better result at SAG point. It allows for one person to replace or reposition(Frame having FlapGate in the Center for easy replacement).


  • Kplus Engineers Spill Seal (Triple Action) help eliminate spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point.
  • The holding plate is permanently fixed to skirt plate (Mother plate of the feed chute) of the main equipment like transfer chute etc.
  • Sections of Rubber slides in the holding plate to suit any conveyor belt contour just fit & forget type installation and locked with locking Cleat. No Fasteners / No Special Tools & No Adjustment required.
  • Due to the soft but firm elastomer of Kplus Engineers Spill Seal system, there is no danger of conveyor belt cutting inspite of continuous abrading.
  • Triple Sealing action uses to stop fines and dust from escaping the Load zone. Work great in abrasive and impact area condition.
  • Work better on conveyors where you need Flexibilitiy and Dust is a big problem.
  • Long life when compared with Rubber / Cut Conveyors strip and increase conveyor performance. Much better result at SAG point.
  • Very simple and quick installation on Existing or New equipment and allows for one person to replace or reposition (Frame having Flap Gate in the Center).
  • Easy Replacement at Low Cost and Reduce Downtime.
  • Increase Productivity due to Full Proof Dust Tight sealing which Eliminates Spillage.
  • Environment Friendly and Reduce Manpower required for Cleaning.
  • Overlapped design with Pressure plate and Rugged construction provides effective dust sealing.