Belt Scraper


Salient Features

  • Modular Construction ,Self – adjustment and Replacement of blades designed provide compatibility of components .
  • High cleaning efficiency due to individual blades conforming exactly to the belt.
  • Protects environment and dust hazards .
  • Solid and Robust to withstand harsh operation under Indian conditions .
  • Easy to Fit and Remove .
  • Self adjusting Blade Tips (Manual adjustment not required) .
  • Eliminates fugitive materials from conveyor carry back .
  • Protects Idler Rollers and increasing the life of Conveyor Belts.
  • Material return to the main flow .
  • Eliminates fugitive materials resulting from conveyor carry back.
  • Long life Tungsten Carbide or Special Tool Steel or Stainless Steel Blade Tips.
  • Maximum Scraping efficiency compared to any other make.
  • Reduces maintenance and operating cost.