Rotary Brush Scraper (Design Patent)


Kplus Engineers has developed fundamental principals in belt cleaners which takes a new approach in cleaning element with 100% power saving (Does not require any Electric Motor, hence 100% Power Saving).


  • Does not require Motor drive , hence 100% power saving.
  • Very much effective for CLIPJOINT, TERMAL CRACKED and WEAR & TEAR BELTS dry/hot Fine Granular materials. Also useful for CHEVRON style belt.
  • Protects Environment and Dust Hazardous (Environment friendly ).
  • Prevents belt damage.
  • Comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories available.
  • Brushed material return in to main flow.
  • Suitable for Unidirectional / Reversible belt.
  • Segmented brushes.
  • Adjustment of pressure which is applied to the belt is adjusted on the attachment on either side.
  • Protects Idler Rollers and increase the life of conveyor belts.
  • Initial investment is fast recoverable.